Bar association “Poliak and Partners” – is a team of highly specialized professionals, experts in various areas of legal practice.

We don’t believe in all-knowing guys . Practice proves that lawyer or attorney can achieve high results working only in certain branches of law, that is why each of our specialists focuses and improves himself in his direction. Working together we see the client’s problem from different views, therefore we know how to solve it with high quality and least waste of time.

What we offer to our customers:
– our reputation guarantees the confidentiality of your case;
– careful examination of details and finding out all the important circumstances in order to get the best result;
– all our intentions, decisions and actions we coordinate with you and jointly we choose the best option;
– to do as we usually do is not enough, every case is a chance to find even better solution;
– we don’t delay the process to increase the cost of service. Our greatest value are customer satisfaction and sincere recommendations.

Our goals:
– to achieve the best results for our clients;
– to provide clients with the opportunity to do their own business, without being distracted by legal and financial problems;
– to reach the justice and develop a legal culture in our country.

Our Code of Ethics:
– we respect the law and the rights, therefore we do not give consultations which lead to their violations;
– “All is fair in war” – is not our fundamental. We will not give the bribe to solve the client’s problem, even if he asks us about this, because this is a violation of the law;
– we don’t know how is it – to act against the client’s interests. If client is our, we will find out how to protect him.

Our Team

Олександра Корбут

Молодший юрист

Юлія Гушувата


Ілля Унгурян


Данієла Цуркан

Старший юрист

Марія Поляк

Керуючий партнер

Петро Поляк

Старший партнер

Ілля Кіореско

Старший юрист